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What will you do if HDD partition containing your vital files has been accidentally formatted?

Don't get upset!!! If you lose data from Windows PC after accidental formatting, as you can easily rescue the entire partition within few minutes. This can be easily done by using efficient data rescue tool.


Most of the users prefer Windows OS when it comes to store their vital data in safe and secured manner. However, in certain situations, the partition containing your vital files becomes inaccessible due to some unforeseen reasons. And sometimes the inaccessibility of hard drive leads to Windows OS crash. So, in order to access such hard drive, you need to format it. However, if you have formatted Windows HDD partition without having legitimate backup, it will lead to serious data loss problem. Have you come across this kind of situation ever? If yes then you are at the right place. There are various applications available in the market to rescue data from formatted Windows hard drive. Unformat Windows is one such strong and user-friendly software which helps to rescue data from formatted Windows hard drive at one go.

Following are the few common reasons which lead to data loss due to formatting of Windows hard drive

Now, how to get back data from formatted hard drive?

Key Features of Unformat Windows software

Recent Update

Unformat USB Pen Drive on Windows: How would you recover your data from formatted USB pen drive on Windows based machines? Do not worry, just refer this new page to know how to unformat USB pen drive on Windows in few simple steps. You need to employ Unformat Windows software to get back all your data from formatted pen drive. For more detailed information about this topic please visit this link http://www.unformatwindows.com/unformat-usb-pen-drive-on-windows.html

Unformat SSD Hard Drive on Windows:One can very easily extract data from formatted SSD portable hard disk with the help of easy to use software known as Unformat Windows tool. For more detailed and updated information please visit here http://www.unformatwindows.com/ssd-hard-drive.html.

Deletion of files on Windows computers is very normal. Sometime you may be troubled when you find yourself unable to undelete files. Now, it is very easy to undelete Windows files with updated version of Unformat Windows software. For more details, go through http://www.unformatwindows.com/undelete.html

A few simple steps to Unformat Windows hard drive are:

How to prevent data loss in the future?

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